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The process of transfer.

 You will be paid. 2 The channel that's convenient for you.

1. Transfer through bank counters, ATM or any bank near you that offers the ibanking.

Account the problem of the baby in total love front-line rule (Pannawit Natnoraseth).

  Thailand. SCB 

 The Carrefour Reserved.





2. Online payment credit card through Paypal. Click here!

 Confirmation of payment to 089-990 3404 or

Information to confirm the transfer. Form below.  

Your e-mail. ** **.
Name. ** **.
Transfer payments (specify). ** **.
 The amount transferred. ** **.
 Bank transfer.
 Date / time of transfer (15/05/2554: 0830). ** **.
Send the transfer slip.
Please fill in the picture.           Click to reload image

 *** If you do not want to FAX or attach your payment slip or a decimal point. So easy to check for 1200.74 or 1200.28 and then quickly transfer your call immediately at 089-990 3404, 081-257 7785.
*** Please keep the slip as evidence Hgamtigg 3 months! If you have a conflict of customers.May need to send proof of transfer later on.

*** The website will be activated within 5 minutes dot is dot com, net, org and email within 24 hours or one day introduction to the entire development.

*** To confirm that you have a website you select them.  Please forward as soon as possible. The name of the site before you take it right before *.


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