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 leader. webSite. the perfect, easy to use, you do not need any knowledge of HTML.  I can deal with systems of website has been easy.

Website for anyone ..? Student's marketing, sales, business merchants, parent companies, shops and public organizations that have website of their own. There is no way to know it's here , click <Detail>>.

  1.  Prices start at 1,000 baht per year.  No monthly
  2. Usability. Program support.  I like the shopping cart system is a system information display system, etc., and is developing a growing without any additional charge.
  3. The stability of the Hosting Server is the maximum provided for this task by using an ISP that is most effective in countries such as CS-Loxinfo and ISSP CAT Building is located at the fastest line speed. Local 6 Gbps Inter 155 Mbps and the Server
  4. Security vendors only.  Web services are now available in all branches and all businesses and organizations that use our service are many.
  5. Amended to simplify the system we have two modes, novice and professional, we try to develop a new mode. Html You can update themselves, despite not knowing the language Html by building tools.  Fill color box to select it as the result you want.
  6.  Developed continuously.  The team has created a web application analysis and development company.  Continuously. To make sure you use it simple to create professional Web sites.

  Site. & software packages available.

Proprietary, 100% to improve the profile of your own domain name (. Com,. Org,. Net).
Customize the site with a WYSIWYG editor control program to create a virtual home.Do not write HTML itself.
The first template in Team System.The menu lets you customize a single point. The menu on every page.
Just choose a template. You can add your own template you downloaded it from anywhere else to put it. Without design.
The program receives data via a form. You can set the information manually. So you can design an application form. ฟอร์มการสั่งซื้อ An order form.The forms are freely given to me to reconcile. No extra cost.
Basket system. You can design your own basket. E-mail to your own design.As well as the interaction between the delivery of the tax cuts, etc. Credit card immediately.
Search program within the site. You can design your own search page.The illustration.The interaction between them.
Program, contact us.You can design your own search page. You can send images to your emails quickly.

Member, you can set a password on windows can be set to any page, so it is for them. Someone who knows your password, only to have the right view.

The template can not display any page. So, you are given a report on the Intro page or pages with ease.
Each page has a different template. 3 languages, so you can do it easily.
Each page can be stopped temporarily.  Realtime  So you can develop a page Realtime website anytime, anywhere.
Customize your own web site. The Company's website.
JavaScript can be inserted.
 Html put it.
Insert a Style Sheet.
2 How to design a menu to the novice and professional.
Server speed is stable, centrally controlled by a program that ensures faster every second.


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